A Funny Story Happened in Longmen

喜剧片 中国 2018 

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2018年上映,由李嘉月,李权威,申鑫,郑玲,喻昆归等主演的A Funny Story Happened in Longmen在中国发行,百度云资源,迅雷高清下载,A Funny Story Happened in Longmen手机在线观看等资源均是网络收集而来。《A Funny Story Happened in Longmen》高清中字BD1280迅雷下载,A Funny Story Happened in LongmenHD1280/HD1080p/BD720P/BD1080P//百度云蓝光高清版/在线观看

While policeman Shen Mengxing escorted the prisoner Liu Daniu to the provincial jail, they were kidnapped by the female robbers, Yu Niang and Xue Die, from Longmen Mountain in Longmen County. The two were captured to the mountain and became members of the cottage. The new cottage was renamed \"Longmen Cottage\". Yu Niang is the master, Shen Mengxing is the second master, and Liu Daniu is the third master. Then Yu Niang arranged Shen Mengxing and Daniu to go out and invite Lu Linxiao, a teacher at Longmen College, to come to the cottage as a consultant. Everyone worked together in order to make the business much better, but they wrongly used all kinds of bad methods, which led to many misunderstandings and a series of hilarious embarrassments. Once Lu Linxiao asked Daniu to help bring a letter to his father, and Daniu rescued a fisherman's daughter, Wan Er, on the way to Lu's residence. After listening to Wan Er's experiences, everyone in the cottage was filled with anger and motivation and determined to help Wan Er fight against the evil county forces headed by County Magistrate Mu.

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