The Great Massager

动作片 中国 2018 

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2018年上映,由杨盛业,林衍,赵鸿勋,赵英等主演的The Great Massager在中国发行,百度云资源,迅雷高清下载,The Great Massager手机在线观看等资源均是网络收集而来。《The Great Massager》高清中字BD1280迅雷下载,The Great MassagerHD1280/HD1080p/BD720P/BD1080P//百度云蓝光高清版/在线观看

The legendary Book of Massage in the palace came into the folk circle in the middle years of the Ming Dynasty. It is said that the book owner can be the king of massage who can either save patients or get possessed by evil minds to control others and rake in money. The Book of Massage was carried overseas in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. With mastery of massage, the masseur Qin Fei goes to Thailand to inherit the Book of Massage and plans to return to China to promote the massage skills combined with traditional Chinese medicine. However, Professor Wei and his group take away the Book of Massage, kill his disciples and control masseurs using the zombie virus. Meanwhile, Wen Jun, one of the younger female disciples, is kidnapped by Professor Wei and his group and gets seriously poisoned. As a result, Qin Fei has to unveil the Book of Massage in order to save her.

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