剧情片 中国 2018 

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Hou Dongtao dreamed of becoming an actor. In order to fulfill his dream, he joined a team that he had always wanted to join thanks to the recommendation of his friend and worked hard for it. Although life was very difficult, he never thought of giving up. At the same time, he met Tang Wenjing, a girl who he could never forget in his life. The two \"crossed\" in different eras and fell in love, which was bitter and sweet. Suddenly one day, Tang Wenjing got an opportunity to go to a far place to film. This was a very important role. Dongtao knew that getting this role meant that the relationship between the two people was about to end. Therefore, Dongtao strongly opposed it, but Wenjing had decided to leave, and Dongtao could only see Wenjing off in tears. Ever since Hou Dongtao lost his love, his life had become more and more difficult. He became confused. He didn't know whether his persistence was meaningful. However, when he was about to give up, he met a celebrity in the film industry. He told him about his hard experience. Dongtao was deeply moved by him and cheered up again. But what kind of experience would he have in the future?

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