Martial Universe

动作片 中国 2018 

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2018年上映,由杨洋,张天爱,王丽坤,吴尊,释小龙,索笑坤,柳岩,董晴,杨皓宇,李昕亮等主演的Martial Universe在中国发行,百度云资源,迅雷高清下载,Martial Universe手机在线观看等资源均是网络收集而来。《Martial Universe》高清中字BD1280迅雷下载,Martial UniverseHD1280/HD1080p/BD720P/BD1080P//百度云蓝光高清版/在线观看

Lin Dong, a young man who always wants to bring honor to his family, coincidentally obtained a mysterious stone talisman left behind by a super master of martial arts. Since then, many martial arts sects, great and famous clans, as well as the three super sects of the Zhongshan Kingdom appeared beside Lin Dong, even his once unreachable enemy Lin Langtian began to inexplicably \"care\" about Lin Dong. Through countless hardships and difficulties of contests among sects, wars among states, and wars of succession, Lin Dong cultivated unparalleled martial arts skills by dint of his diligence and the golden opportunity, and was quietly adored by the high-hearted, icy goddess Ling Qingzhu and the quarrelsome sweetheart Ying Huanhuan. However, the leftover evil heretics of the martialists who used to be perils reappeared and Lin Langtian, the sworn enemy of Lin Dong, colluded with them. As a result, Lin Dong had to unite with his two sworn brothers and righteous martialists to fight against the evil heretics by means of the handed-down mastery of martial arts. Finally, Lin Dong kept the charming land safe and sound.

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